Where BT happens?

Its been long ago that we publish the post about the magic area of BT but we fill this time to publish it again.
The Business Technology concept isn’t new, it’s more than 7 years that we keep hearing about it as the next role of IT/IS, many articles were written on the changes to the IT department role because of the new expectation of innovation and “business – alignment” . When I speak with some IT professionals or business people, it seems that the shift haven’t really started.  So, I was trying to understand the challenges of this expected change. In the past few weeks I have been thinking that the change is happening but on other place, at the business side. May be it’s because BT contains many disciplines which are more familiar to business people, The role of the product management is actually the one that’s changing. A nice concept I run into that can explain the phenomenon and put it all together:



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Productivity Future Vision by Microsoft


Although there are so many similar vision films of the future, the new short movie from Microsoft presents an interesting perspective on the Fluid Mobility>> link to Microsoft website

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Mobile U Turn – The NFC is back!

The NFC is back!

Even though it would seem that the future of mobile payments will be sound-based OTA. Apple’s latest announcement about the iPhone 6 revitalizes the NFC.

The future of mobile payments seems to be changing. The On The Air (OTA) payments method is taking a U turn.

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Strategy – Welcome to Age of the Customer

The next Revolution. After the information age, here comes the new revolution: The age of the customer. The Technology effects the customer behaviour and expectations from retailers. Early adopters CIO & CMO can act now to exploit the change.
Video from the LeWeb conference.

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Mobile Wallet Wars: Googel vs. Square vs. PayPal


Google Wallet vs. Square Wallet vs. PayPal
A mobile wallet field test:


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